Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about InventiveBoard are found here. Please contact us if you cannot find answer to your question.

  • 1. What can InventiveBoard be used for?

    – New product development
    Include employees from different departments to create and discuss ideas for new products and services. Collect feedback and involve all employees to strengthen each idea.

    – Improvements to processes
    Use InventiveBoard to improve the productivity, quality and efficiency of your operations.

    – Collaboration projects with customers and suppliers
    Invite customers and suppliers to InventiveBoard and your innovation program so as to take advantage of their specific insights regarding your business.

    – Discover new opportunities
    Use InventiveBoard to discover opportunities for new potential business fields, reduce risk, or identify trends that might affect your operations.

  • 2. How do we get started with an innovation program?

    InventiveBoard offers two consultancy services: implementation and innovation workshops.

    – Implementation
    This is designed for customers who do not have a well-functioning innovation process. We help implement an innovation process in your organisation, supported by the InventiveBoard application.

    – Innovation workshops
    Innovation workshops are intense sessions of innovation and creativity training within organisations. These are brainstorming sessions that generate new ideas for innovations, and are typically conducted primarily in person, with a group of ten to twenty-five individuals. We collect a set of ideas for innovation opportunities, and these are discussed, developed, and prioritized during the workshop. At the end of the day, you will have a new list of potential innovations for your business!


  • 3. Is it easy to get started with InventiveBoard?

    Yes! You will be able to launch your first innovation project within a day.

  • 4. Is it possible to only involve one part of the company?

    Yes! You are able to specify groups, such as departments or specific individuals, for each challenge.

  • 5. Is InventiveBoard a secure application?

    Yes! We use encrypted data. The data is protected via HTTPS protocol.

  • 6. Pricing

    Up to 100 users: 79 SEK/user/month

    101-250 users: 69 SEK/user/month

    251-500 users: 59 SEK/user/month

    More than 500 users: please contact us