To create an innovation culture

Approximate reading time: 3-5 min. Do unilateral conversations destroy your efforts to create an innovation culture?

You are trying to listen to your employees. You use a idea box, hold brainstorming sessions, and make managers available to listen to employee opinions. But what happens then? Do you leave your employees outside when it comes to assessing their ideas?

One-sided conversations are rarely productive, especially in terms of innovation or improvement. Create a more innovative organizational culture by increasing openness and communication within the organization and embrace the following aspects of your innovation program.


to create an innovation culture

To create an innovation culture

Innovation process

Give employees insight into your innovation program. From your innovation goals and strategic delimitations to the review and development process for new ideas. Promote knowledge sharing throughout the organization. This can be accomplised by ensuring that employees have the opportunity to know what is happening behind the scenes. Do not forget to make your managers available to answer questions and guide those employees who would like to play an active role in the innovation work.


Employee involvement

When all co-workers know what happens behind the scenes, this leads to more responsibility. Strong innovation culture is based on dedicated employees, that the organization has a plan to ensure that employees know what is happening and how their responsibility helps to move the organization forward. Employees are also given the opportunity to express their opinions, share their thoughts, and give feedback on their ideas and achievements.


Individual contributions

If you get ideas, feedback, or other contributions from your employees, do not just give a simple “thank you” for their efforts. Proceed by giving them qualitative feedback on their performance (both positive and constructive), and keep them informed about the status of their innovation projects – in case innovation projects have been transferred to another department for review or development.


Next step

Once again, openness is essential in creating an innovation culture. You should not only keep conversations about your employees’ ideas. Also, give them information about your development process. Thus, they would have the opportunity to play a more significant role in the innovation development process. While this is not directly related to knowledge sharing, these opportunities help accelerate your development process and allow employees to play a role in evaluating and developing ideas for concrete products, services, and processes.

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