Suggestion box vs idea management system

Approximate reading time: 5-7 min. How does suggestion box vs idea management system differ? The draft box was the embryo of today’s idea management system. We discuss the concepts.


Suggestion box vs idea management system

Who came up with the idea of ​​”suggestion box”? I would like to talk to that person about suggestion box vs idea management system. Who influenced the suggestion of the proposal box to companies and organizations in the 80’s and 90’s? On the other hand, the old ineffective suggestion box, as employees, is phasing out easily to what is now called idea management software. The suggestion box was a failed idea, which developed into what works well today. But tomorrow, the idea management system must be developed and adapted to new contexts, according to the needs and circumstances of other organizations. Therefore, it is important to invest in research and development.

What is well known today, for example, that monetary reward systems do not improve the performance of individuals in complex problem solving, were not known at the time of the suggestion box. To introduce flower checkers, movie tickets, trickles, or % on savings or profits are today questioned.

Suggestion box

The word “suggestion box” gives 7,000,000 hits on Google, and many great articles, chronicles and blogs are on the topic. The word “idea management system” contains only 35.000 hits. It is a new phenomenon because it differs greatly from the traditional suggestion box. The suggestion box was the embryo of today’s idea management system. What suggestions boxes do not treat are presented here, but enough about this.



We were told by one of our employees whose company uses our services to submit ideas to Folkuniversitetets  public proposal box in their spare time. This in order to improve the study environment in and around the café. Then a language course lasted 8 weeks, and spent a lot of time in the café during the lessons. On average, she left just over 1 idea per week, a total of 11, over a period of 2 months. During this time, she never received a feedback, no feedback or response that they received the ideas.

“Just not knowing that you submit the idea to” a black hole “I feel as frustrating.”

* We have tried to reach Folkuniversitetet has attempted to be reached without results. To summarize, we believe that many companies and organizations find it difficult to handle the suggestion box. This example is by no means unique, but this kind of story is given over and over again.


Suggestion box vs idea management system

Suggestion box vs idea management system

First of all, no, let’s look directly in the table below when we compare the suggestion box with the 6-parameter idea management system.

Suggestion box Idea management system
Technology Analogue, a physical box Digital, a digital tool
The meaning of the idea The idea is “ready” when it is presented The idea’s development is only at the beginning when it is presented.
Focus on collaboration Small or none Great. All ideas develop together with colleagues and managers until everyone comments and opinions are presented.
Process focus No Yes, central
Voting Only management Flexible. The management, a specific group, or all employees.
Idea management Very small, in in bins or boxes. Central, all ideas are saved, no matter how bad / dumb they are, in a smart and filterable database.


Investment cost for a proposal box

What does it cost to introduce a proposal box into its organization? We do not need any education, “put an idea here if you have any” often the tongues of the lead, we can think of. No special interaction between employees, the department, or over hierarchies was ongoing. Paper and pencil of course. As well as the time it took to write down his idea, and the time it took for the recipient (often someone in the lead) to read and judge. The box costs between 5 EUR – 10 kr if you want a simple suggestion box.


Investment cost for an idea management system

What does it cost to introduce an idea management system into its organization?

Here is InventiveBoard’s monthly cost.


Contact us and we will tell you more! 

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