Sharing economy as innovation

Approximate reading time: 15-20 min (including videos). In this blog post we will explain how sharing economy can be regarded as an innovation and how it can affect your organization.

Sharing economy involves various arrangements for renting, sharing or borrowing things instead of owning them. There are also various possibilities for taking part in services, replacing and giving away things in the concept. Another name for the phenomenon is collaborative consumption that focuses on the fact that these arrangements can allow more people to consume a product compared to each one to buy it.

The notion of sharing economics is used in particular on the occasions when Internet and other information technology is used to enable sharing, exchange, rent or the like. Examples include the Uber taxi service, overnight services such as Airbnb, car pools and services like rental of meeting rooms between companies.


  sharing economysharing economy


Even such as hanging out or renting a new brand bag for an evening can be considered. With a broad definition, conventional car rental companies and taxi movements could also be included in the sharing economy, but the term is usually used for peer-to-peer events and other things that were first established during the Internet era. Here is a brief introduction to what sharing economics means.


Sharing economy


Sharing economy can affect your organization. The following Tedx explains the sharing economy of Kurt Abrahamson and how it affected ShareThis where Kurt is CEO. ShareThis is a distributed content platform that, according to ShareThis, affects 95 percent of the US Internet population. Kurt has led the company through a transformation. The transformation was from its early days as a sharing widget to a social intelligence platform. ShareThis helps publishers make content more engaging and advertisers can execute their campaigns more efficiently.



Even organization can be affected if a new or existing competitor comes with an innovation for your industry. Innovation may, for example, be based on developing the business model from ideas about sharing economics.


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