Frustrated by not being able to continuously develop innovations?

Our mission
InventiveBoard provides an idea management application and related consultancy services to support organisations’ innovation processes.


Our goal is to provide tools with which to systematise your innovation efforts, and support for this through our experience and expertise.

We have developed a support system for innovation processes in small- and medium-sized organisations. InventiveBoard provides a cloud-based application that shapes ideas into innovations for organisations.

InventiveBoard is the result of several years of research into innovation processes and best practices in the field at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg.

A network of innovation, improvement and creativity experts are available to help you to continually achieve both incremental and radical improvements.

The persons behind InventiveBoard

“I am the founder and CEO at InventiveBoard. In addition, I am a Ph.D. candidate at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. InventiveBoard is related to my research on management control in innovation processes at successful entrepreneurial companies. My previous experience as Controller, Financial Manager, CFO, and management consultant helped me realise that there is a great need to help organisations with innovations. Taking the concept of process thinking from business administrtion and applying this to innovations, together with the results of my research project, we have developed an application that supports organisations’ innovation processes. We can help you to continually produce more innovations!”

Joakim Wahlberg

I am the business development manager at InventiveBoard. I have experience from taking innovations from idea to market in roles as CEO, business developer and market manager. In addition, I have experienced large companies innovation processess and innovation ability. Among other I co-founded a social media app and a hardware company in the food industry.

My goal is to support correct use of the innovation application, help to overcome difficulties and finally enhance the innovation ability of our clients. The part that interest me the most in innovation management, is probably the psychological parts of it. How business development can be managed and nurtured, and how people finally make it grow and last.

Jimmy Antonsson