Ideas are nothing – the implementation is everything!

Estimated reading time 4-5 minutes. Ideas are nothing – the implementation is everything! Sure, you do agree? Read this post, and we have you on the hook!

Ideas are nothing - the implementation is everything!

However, you think, you do not mean bad ideas can be so good that you can make money on them? Well, we mean that. Moreover, Yo will help us convince you. Ideas are nothing – the implementation is everything!


The app Yo – ideas are nothing

The app yo received $ 1.5 million in investment, with a $ 10 million valuation before they finally liquidated the company and went home. However, they still managed to create a buzz (especially in the US in technology, media and entrepreneurial circuits). Moreover, just that, with the mobile app, existed for iPhone and Android, you could only send “Yo” to each other. It was a messaging app, such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, but the app allowed only to send the letter “Y” and the letter “O” together in a message.


The implementation is everything!

Imagine waking up and wanting to send your sister “happy birthday”, but you’re happy to send “yo”. You will be late for a meeting and would like to inform you, but enjoy yourself with a “yo”. You go out for an after work and want your colleagues to come, but you’re happy to send a “yo”. We would admit that we did not think it was a particularly good idea, but implementation cannot be complained, right?


2 million active users

They had more than 2 million active users, and over 2000 developers ( had begun programming using their API (Application Programming Interface). If you like the Yo app, I try with Pet Rock, a rock that people perceived and appreciated as a pet: So I argue that ideas are nothing?


4. Ideer är inget

To shade a bit, we have to infect that there are certainly many ideas that have been very good. And yet, through relatively poor implementation have nevertheless been successful. But most ideas will probably stay in one’s head. Or even one’s mental desk box (unless you can write them down). Do not you agree? The important thing is talking about your idea, telling about it to colleagues and through interaction and collaboration refining it until it is worth deciding to implement or not?


Ideas are nothing – the implementation is everything! Takeaways:

If you do not have any ideas right now, but want to implement one, check out here:s – There are concrete ideas for starting a new business or business area

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