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Structured innovation process

The application is designed as an innovation process which is based on the company’s challenges. Employees can contribute with ideas regarding a particular challenge, and then comment on and discuss the ideas for others. Finally, the idea is assessed by a management/board/innovation group or equivalent.


The application can be used to open up various problems faced by the company, and employees can offer suggestions for improvements or radical new ideas. This allows you to control where the employees will focus their efforts.

A competitor has launched a new product in one of your company’s product segments. How should you respond to this? Why does a particular product or process result in so many complaints from dissatisfied customers?

The sky is the limit in terms of innovation and improvement. The more detailed the challenge, the more precise ideas you can expect!


Employees submit proposals for solutions and new ideas for your business challenges. The ideas can be commented on and improved by other employees with access to the application. This makes the application a natural platform for collaboration between employees about specific problems or developments within the company.

All ideas are at one stage of a seven-step process, somewhere between draft for an idea and completed project. The application ensures that no ideas are left lying in a suggestion box, and all employees can see precisely where in the process their ideas are.


The application has a built-in voting feature, allowing all ideas to be assessed by the  management/board/innovation group. The evaluation criteria of the system are based on empirical research carried out at the School of Business, Economics and Law, at the University of Gothenborg into the success of entrepreneurial companies working with innovation. These are dynamic, however, and can be adjusted according to your unique needs.

Idea Bank

Using the application, all ideas can be archived. Maybe the timing is simply wrong for a particular idea, or perhaps the company lacks the resources to implement the idea right now. By archiving them, you have a very valuable library of ideas for future innovations.