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Business Model Innovation by Airbnb

Approximate reading time: 6-8 min. We will review some specific companies’ innovative business models in this blog. In this post, business model innovation comes under Airbnb under our stethoscope. For those who are successful in escaping Airbnb advance, check here or a short description here…

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Suggestion box vs idea management system

Approximate reading time: 5-7 min. How does suggestion box vs idea management system differ? The draft box was the embryo of today’s idea management system. We discuss the concepts.   Suggestion box vs idea management system Who came up with the idea of ​​”suggestion box”? I…

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Reward structures in product development teams

One study examined the effect of reward structures on the performance of cross-functional product development teams. Managers can draw four implications from the findings in the study:  When it is easy to evaluate individual performances in the team, rewarding members differentially on the basis of…

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