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Control systems under different innovation management modes

Estimated reading time: 4-6 minutes. One study focused on the relationships between management accounting and control systems (MACS) under different innovation management modes. The study focused the importance of the choice by which individual MACS are selected for interactive (as opposed to diagnostic) use.   Empirical data…

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To outsource innovation

Approximate reading time: 4-8 minutes. Outsourcing innovation can be a strategy to become innovative. We show why you should invest in creating your innovation capability.   Outsourcing innovation? Why not outsource innovation to competitors and then buy them? Suppose your company has highly appreciated products on…

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Product development or process improvement?

Approximate reading time: 5-7 min. How do organizations work best with product development and process improvement? What is important related to product development? What should be focused on during process improvements? Here are some practical tips.   Product development Include employees from different departments to…

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The roles of management control in product development

Approximate reading time: 4-5 min. One study examined the ways in which management control has in product development context. The purpose was to provide new insights about the different roles that management control can play in this context. Specifically, the researchers investigated the roles of management…

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Should you budget for innovation?

Estimated reading time: 4-6 minutes. Should you budget for innovation? Organizations are calling for ever greater budget management of their product innovation processes. Key reasons for this focus are partly costs for product innovation, and partly the need to improve companies’ financial performance through innovation…

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