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The role of management control systems for breakthrough innovation

Estimated reading time: 7-9 minutes. What is the role of management control systems for breakthrough innovation? Innovation is not an individual concept. Incremental innovation is about improvements, while breakthrough innovation is about discoveries. Breakthrough innovations lead to a significant improvement or open entirely new opportunities….

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Radical innovation in established firms

How do established firms improve radical innovation performance? One study examined organizational capabilities for improving performance, with respect to radical innovation, in established firms. These organizational capabilities are (1) openness capability, (2) autonomy capability, (3) integration capability and (4) experimentation capability. The study proposes four…

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Innovations and performance

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the manufacturing sector make a significant contribution to economic growth, yet most of the research into innovation management in the manufacturing sector has focused on large organizations. One study, however, identified innovation drivers and their performance implications in manufacturing…

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Open innovation and innovation culture

Researchers have examined open innovation cultures. Specifically they focused on the cultural dimensions of ‘not-invented-here’ (NIH) syndrome, risk-taking, and management support of innovative behaviour. The following provide guidelines for firms in their attempts to establish an adequate open innovation culture.   Quantitatively assess current innovation…

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Relationships between strategy, innovation, and management control systems

There is a relationship between strategy, management control systems (MCS), and innovation. MCS can be described in terms of a package of controls that is comprised of social networking, organic innovative culture, and formal controls. In a study researchers find that product differentiation is associated…

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