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Control systems under different innovation management modes

One study focused on the relationships between innovation and management accounting and control systems (MACS). This was done by emphasising the importance of the choice by which individual MACS are selected for interactive (as opposed to diagnostic) use. Using survey data collected from 57 medium-sized…

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Performance measures and management control in new product development

An exploratory study was conducted to examine management control issues in new product development (NPD). The study focused on three management control aspects that NPD managers considered important: (1) position of NPD in the firm’s organizational structure; (2) NPD process; and (3) NPD performance measures….

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Resource allocation and innovations

It is widely known that introducing new products into the marketplace is essential to a company’s competitive position and long-term survival. One study investigated the new product performance of a large number of North American and European business units and various best business practices that…

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Control in research and development

The literature on the management of R&D professionals strongly advocates managing R&D projects on a project-by-project basis. This literature suggests that projects should be managed differently depending upon project characteristics such as risk, ambiguity, and nonroutineness. While the primary emphasis of the R&D professional literature…

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Reward structures in product development teams

One study examined the effect of reward structures on the performance of cross-functional product development teams. Managers can draw four implications from the findings in the study:  When it is easy to evaluate individual performances in the team, rewarding members differentially on the basis of…

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