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Management control of service innovations

One study explored management control best practice related to service innovation activities. This was done by conducting qualitative in-depth interviews with managers in ten top performing firms that have an exceptional focus on service innovation. The researcher found that the management control systems implemented for…

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Examples of different kinds of Innovation

Estimated time to read: 4-5 minutes. This blog post is about examples of different kinds of innovation.     According to many studies, Sweden is a country to be reckoned with when it comes to innovation. Should you believe many international rankings, you must agree….

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Management control systems impact on knowledge management

Innovation is becoming one of the most relevant means to continuously outperform competitors in markets with increasing complexity and intensity of competition. The sequence runs from diversifying and adapting to re-positioning and even re-inventing the organization. One important stream of research has emerged that focuses…

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Open innovation and innovation culture

Researchers have examined open innovation cultures. Specifically they focused on the cultural dimensions of ‘not-invented-here’ (NIH) syndrome, risk-taking, and management support of innovative behaviour. The following provide guidelines for firms in their attempts to establish an adequate open innovation culture.   Quantitatively assess current innovation…

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Success and failure of innovation

Why does not everybody innovate? It is widely recognized that innovation is key to the economic performance of firms. If nonetheless many firms do not dare to innovate, this has to do with several types of risks and uncertainties that lead to high failure rates. A review examined…

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