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Category: Organizational culture

Innovations and performance

Reading time: 2-3 minutes. This blog is about innovation and performance. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the manufacturing sector make a significant contribution to economic growth. Yet most of the research into innovation management in the manufacturing sector has focused on large organizations.    …

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Knowledge sharing across intranets

Estimated reading time: 3-5 minutes. The importance of an intranet, such as an internal idea management system, for knowledge management depends largely on the values of its content and the specific tools that organizations provide to its employees, as well as its ultimate use in…

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Product differentiation as strategy

Reading time: 3-4 minutes. In today’s business context characterized by extensive competition and technological change, organizations can gain competitive advantages by maintaining high innovation rates. How does product differentiation then affect the ability of organizations to drive innovation? And what is the relationship between strategy, management…

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The role of management control systems for breakthrough innovation

Estimated reading time: 7-9 minutes. What is the role of management control systems for breakthrough innovation? Innovation is not an individual concept. Incremental innovation is about improvements, while breakthrough innovation is about discoveries. Breakthrough innovations lead to a significant improvement or open entirely new opportunities….

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Thoughts about Swedish corporate innovation management

Reading for the weekend. Thoughts on Swedish inefficiencies in innovation management. How to use innovation as a strategy for survival? Often, we meet a news morning that scans the job to disappear to low-wage countries. On the radio we hear how we can no longer…

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