Budgeting times for innovation

Approximate reading time: 4-5 minutes. It is now time to set your innovation goals for the next fiscal year! There are budgeting times and you will decide how your resources will be distributed next year.


Budgeting times for innovation

Here’s what’s happening every year; sometime in the next year there will be a moment where you wish you had effectively engaged your employees and their efforts on your organization’s key challenges. You will then lack an innovative tool for collaboration within the organization that can quickly be used to address these challenges. So this time, make sure you allocate resources to make this possible. It’s actually easier than you think!


Budgeting times


Idea management system and innovation

We at InventiveBoard can support you with a digital tool that facilitates the innovation process. Our engaging idea management system and services can help you get in-depth innovation as a natural part of your business in the next financial year.

Our goal is to provide tools to systematize your innovation work, and to support this work with the help of our experience and expertise. We have developed a system support for innovation work in small and medium-sized organizations. InventiveBoard provides a cloud-based application that forms ideas for innovations within organizations. Our network of experts in the innovation, improvement and creativity area is at your disposal, helping you to continually achieve incremental as well as radical improvements.


Get started is innovative! Contact us and we will showcase our idea management system and answer any questions you may have. Learn more about how it works here.


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The idea management system supports the innovation process in the same way that CRM-system supports the sales process.


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