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The roles of management control in product development

Approximate reading time: 4-5 min. One study examined the ways in which management control has in product development context. The purpose was to provide new insights about the different roles that management control can play in this context. Specifically, the researchers investigated the roles of management…

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Can innovation processes be generalised?

Estimated reading time: 2-3 minutes. Can innovation processes be generalised? This is a very interesting question! If innovation processes can be generalised, we have something to learn from the companies that are successful in their innovation efforts. Innovations in themselves can take many different forms, such as a new…

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Business Model Innovation by Airbnb

Approximate reading time: 6-8 min. We will review some specific companies’ innovative business models in this blog. In this post, business model innovation comes under Airbnb under our stethoscope. For those who are successful in escaping Airbnb advance, check here or a short description here…

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Management control and the decentralization of R&D

Estimated reading time: 5-7 minutes. What are the organizational conditions influencing the allocation of decision rights made by headquarters of multinational corporations to their foreign R&D subsidiaries?  Should organizations consider the decentralization of R&D? A study has interesting results on this issue. The researchers contacted…

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Implement target costing

Approximate reading time: 3-5 minutes. One study used the theory of market orientation to analyze the introduction of target costing and business model innovation systems, as well as how this affects business results. 189 manufacturing companies in the electronics and information industry in China were…

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