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Management control and the decentralization of R&D

What are the organizational conditions influencing the allocation of decision rights made by headquarters of multinational corporations to their foreign R&D subsidiaries?  One recent study has some interesting findings in this issue. If the specific R&D activities in question are more early stage and exploratory…

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Management control systems and innovation processes

How do successful entrepreneurial companies use management control systems (MCS) related to innovation processes? Research shows that use of management control systems (MCS) is dynamic related to the innovation process. The use of MCS changes with respect to specific control components. For example, in the…

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Controls for successful innovations

Is your organisation in need of more innovations? New research shows how successful entrepreneurial companies actively use controls to support their innovation processes. I will write more about these controls in future blog posts, but here are some initial thoughts. Two of the controls that…

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Can innovation processes be generalised?

This is a very interesting question! If innovation processes can be generalised, we have something to learn from the companies that are successful in their innovation efforts. Since innovations in themselves take many different forms, such as a new product, service, process, or business model, one may think that…

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Hello world!

Welcome to InventiveBoard. This is a blog about creating and managing successful innovation processes.

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