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Management control systems and organizational learning

One study investigated the relationships between the design of management control systems (MCS), the use of MCS and organizational learning (OL). The study adopted a survey method. A written questionnaire was prepared and mailed out to collect quantitative data. After analysis of the empirical results,…

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Resource allocation and innovations

It is widely known that introducing new products into the marketplace is essential to a company’s competitive position and long-term survival. One study investigated the new product performance of a large number of North American and European business units and various best business practices that…

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Success and failure of innovation

Why does not everybody innovate? It is widely recognized that innovation is key to the economic performance of firms. If nonetheless many firms do not dare to innovate, this has to do with several types of risks and uncertainties that lead to high failure rates. A review examined…

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Interactive use of performance management systems

One study shows how the use of performance management systems (PMS) affects managers’ perception of satisfaction, the effectiveness of the control system and the performance related to process innovation. An exploratory empirical research was conducted on 85 managers operating in Italian healthcare organizations. The empirical…

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Innovation speed and radicalness

The objective in one study was to examine the relationship between innovation speed, and radical product and process innovations.  A survey of firms in the high‐tech (semiconductor, audio video equipment and computer hardware) industries was conducted. Hypotheses were tested using a hierarchical multiple regression analysis….

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