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Performance measures and management control in new product development

An exploratory study was conducted to examine management control issues in new product development (NPD). The study focused on three management control aspects that NPD managers considered important: (1) position of NPD in the firm’s organizational structure; (2) NPD process; and (3) NPD performance measures….

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Management control in radical innovation

A study sought to explore whether, how and why different approaches to management control are more intensely employed: (1) in different phases of the radical innovation process, and (2) in innovation projects showing different degrees of radicalness. Case studies concerning four innovation projects (two radical in…

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Relationships between strategy, innovation, and management control systems

There is a relationship between strategy, management control systems (MCS), and innovation. MCS can be described in terms of a package of controls that is comprised of social networking, organic innovative culture, and formal controls. In a study researchers find that product differentiation is associated…

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Management control of biomedical research and pharmaceutical innovation

One study investigated management and organization factors which may enhance the effectiveness of biomedical research and pharmaceutical innovation. The study consisted of 222 survey questionnaires returned by senior scientific staff of academic hospitals and large health research institutes in the Netherlands and the main R&D…

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Management control systems and organizational learning

One study investigated the relationships between the design of management control systems (MCS), the use of MCS and organizational learning (OL). The study adopted a survey method. A written questionnaire was prepared and mailed out to collect quantitative data. After analysis of the empirical results,…

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