A blog about creating and running successful innovation processes

Month: November 2018

To generate ideas for continuous innovation

Approximate reading time 5-7 minutes. A study investigated the ability to generate ideas for innovations in large organizations. The ability to generate ideas includes management and organizational processes to stimulate, identify, select and implement ideas. The ability to generate ideas is a fundamental ability because it aims to…

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Thoughts about Swedish corporate innovation management

Reading for the weekend. Thoughts on Swedish inefficiencies in innovation management. How to use innovation as a strategy for survival? Often, we meet a news morning that scans the job to disappear to low-wage countries. On the radio we hear how we can no longer…

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Success and failure of innovation

Approximate reading time: 3-5 min. Why does not everybody innovate? It is widely recognized that innovation is key to the economic performance of firms. If nonetheless many firms do not dare to innovate, this has to do with several types of risks and uncertainties that lead to high…

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Management control systems impact on knowledge management

Approximate reading time: 2-3 min. This blog is about management control systems impact on knowledge management.     Innovation is becoming one of the most relevant means to outperform competitors continuously. Especially in markets with increasing complexity and intensity of competition. The sequence runs from diversifying…

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