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Month: October 2018

Budgeting times for innovation

Approximate reading time: 4-5 minutes. It is now time to set your innovation goals for the next fiscal year! There are budgeting times and you will decide how your resources will be distributed next year.   Budgeting times for innovation Here’s what’s happening every year;…

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Ideas are nothing – the implementation is everything!

Estimated reading time 4-5 minutes. Ideas are nothing – the implementation is everything! Sure, you do agree? Read this post, and we have you on the hook! However, you think, you do not mean bad ideas can be so good that you can make money on…

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Management control in knowledge integration

Approximate reading time: 6-7 min. What is the role of management control in knowledge-intensive firms? One study explored management control in knowledge integration.   The starting-point is from the limitations of the definition of uncertainty, especially when applied to contexts characterized by knowledge intensity. The…

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To materialize investments in innovation capabilities

Approximate reading time: 5-7 min. In innovative environments, companies face a control problem. On the one hand, management needs to guide employees by monitoring goals and behaviors. But on the other hand, management must also ensure that employees have enough space to search for innovative…

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