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Month: July 2018

Is an Innovation Manager really needed?

Estimated reading time: 2-3 minutes. Innovation is important. I think many people can agree with this statement. In order to maintain competitiveness, to increase growth, not to get passed by competitors, or to inspire and retain staff. The reasons are many. But dedication to specific…

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Management control systems across different modes of innovation

Estimated reading time: 6-8 minutes. One study investigated management control systems across different modes of innovation, and the impact on firm performance. Specifically, the study is based on Simon’s “Levers of Control” (LOC) to investigate how corporate executives at the same time try to balance…

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Valuation of management control systems in start-up companies

Approximate reading time: 3-4 min. One study investigated the valuation of management control systems (MCS) in start-up companies. The researchers examined an international selection of start-ups, including details of their implemented MCS and corporate financial history.   Results in the study The researchers found that higher…

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What is Innovation?

Estimated reading time: 1-2 minutes. What is the difference between innovation, idea, invention and improvement? What is innovation? They are often used a little sleepy, and depending on who you are talking to, different words fit better. Innovation has in some circles almost become a…

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