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Month: December 2017

Management control systems across different modes of innovation

Approximate reading time: 4-6 min. An emerging research focus has shown how management control systems (MCS) can play a central role in managing innovation. A specific study in this research focused on the use of MCS for different modes of innovation. The study also investigated…

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Accounting as an engine of innovation

Estimated reading time: 3-4 minutes. One study examined the relationship between accounting and innovative activities. It examined how accounting developed knowledge that served as a motor for innovation. The study was an attempt to explore what role accounting has through its performative effects, so that…

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Management control of service innovations

Estimared reading time: 4-5 min. One study explored management control of service innovations. Specifilally focused was management control best practice related to service innovation activities. This was done by conducting qualitative in-depth interviews with managers in ten top performing firms that have an exceptional focus on…

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Examples of different kinds of Innovation

Estimated time to read: 4-5 minutes. This blog post is about examples of different kinds of innovation.     According to many studies, Sweden is a country to be reckoned with when it comes to innovation. Should you believe many international rankings, you must agree….

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Operational management – part of the innovation process?

Approximate reading time: 3-4 min. Research on the topic of corporate entrepreneurship has grown steadily over the past few decades, largely due to the link between product market and technical innovation (ie the impact of corporate entrepreneurship activities) and the company’s success. Similarly, there is…

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